Video Surveillance

Face It, You’re Not Safe Anywhere!

  • Video Surveillance

    Indoor Cameras

    • Network Dome Camera
    • 4 MP vandal-resistant network dome camera
  • Video Surveillance

    Outdoor Cameras

    • Network Turret Camera
    • 4 MP EXIR CMOS
They say, “Hind sight is 20/20.” How many times have we been in a situation where we wish that were true? Robberies, theft, and vandalism have become a common occurrence. Today, thanks to technology, we are able to review what happened moments, hours, even days ago, in a matter of a few short moments. At Precision, we design each and every system to meet the application, allowing for a custom built system that suits you the customer, a system that can be expanded upon as your business grows or as finances permit.
  • Long Range Cameras

    Long Range Cameras

    • real-time 2.1MP (1080P)
    • 3D DNR
    • WDR
    • Smart IR
  • Specialty Cameras

    Specialty Cameras

    • Analog High Definition Cameras
Using a variety of manufactures, systems can be built to accommodate 1 to 65 cameras. Image retrieval is as simple as the click of a mouse. Motion recorded events are shown as a timeline at the bottom of the screen and highlighted in a different color, allowing for faster event retrieval. Since the hard-drive space is predetermined, several weeks of recording may be stored on the hard-drive. When the allotted space is full the system records over the oldest stored video to allow for re-recording.
Our basic 4 camera system is expandable to 16, by simply adding more cameras. Exact time and date of recordings can be searched by using “smart search”, which allows you to enter the time frame in question. The system searches for all activities recorded. No special software is necessary to replay saved video streams, thereby making it easier when necessary, to give to the authorities for use in pursuing the perpetrators.