Why Monitored Wireless Security System Is Better

The Monitored Wireless Security System helps protect your home through the use of a network that isn’t restricted by physical wires or barriers. This offers a level of protection that can’t be matched by traditional systems. Some burglars have learned to bypass wired systems and gain access to your home without tripping the alarm. But with a wireless system, there are no wires to cut, so an intruder has little chance of entering your home undetected.

And if the thought of running wires throughout your home has kept you from purchasing a security system in the past, the monitored wireless system may be just the option for you. Installation is easy and requires minimal drilling compared to hard-wired systems.

Other Great Features of the Monitored Wireless Security System:

2-Center Nationwide Monitoring Network | 3 Points of Protection – doors and windows | Infrared Motion Detectors | Personal Emergency Wrist Alert | High-Decibel Alarm Siren | 24-Hour High-Capacity Battery Backup | Carbon Monoxide Detectors* | Smoke and Heat Sensors* | Water Sensors* | Freeze Sensors* | Driveway Sensors*

* System Upgrade Required

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